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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

TAI New solutions - AMIRA Smart Metering Applications by Aartesys AG

Smart metering applications

Cost-efficient end-to-end solution

As extended remote meter reading, the Smart Metering application from Aartesys is a
manufacturer-independent and simultaneously cost-efficient end-to-end solution for the
monitored recording, processing and transmission of energy readings and other measured values, signals and alarms, and for the safe control of criteria.
Like the remote meter reading the technology of the Smart Metering application is fully based
on the innovative, IP-based Aartesys m2m platform.

Real-time capable, also via the Internet

In end-to-end operation, the system can readout energy data in real time and provide these to a
customer portal.
This unique function allows for real-time display of consumption values for each customer via
the Internet. Difficult local communication conditions thus no longer represent an obstacle.

"Remote meter reading" basic functions"

All remote meter readout functions, including OBIS database and reporting, are available as basic
functions of the smart metering solution.

Smart metering functions

In addition to the monitored two-way communication, the EasyGateways distributed in the field fulfil
a wide range of essential smart metering functions:

Local generation of load profiles from energy and performance variables

> Recording and transmitting of digital and analogue measured values
> Control of criteria
> Readout and transmission of energy and performance parameters
> Local display of real-time data

In conjunction with the extended functions of the central site, the following are facilitated:

> Processing of the real-time data received from the EasyGateways
> Providing of the real-time data for the customer portal
> Interface for the control of criteria
> Forwarding of recorded measured variables, criteria and alarms to superordinate systems

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