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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

TAI New solutions - AMIRA Smart Meter Reading Platform

Remote meter reading

Cost-efficient end-to-end solution

The remote meter reading offered by Aartesys is a manufacturer-independent, cost-efficient
end-to-end solution for the safe transmission of energy readings for central data evaluation
in multi-sector use.

The remote meter reading technology is fully based on the innovative, IP-based Aartesys m2m
platform. A scalable structure, an architecture and functionality adapted to today's communication networks, and extended system monitoring and alerting functionalities are included in the basic equipment.

Near real-time capability with reporting

The minimum readout and transmission cadence is one minute.
This unique system feature, combined with efficient reporting, allows for new, cost-efficient
approaches to energy consumption measurement already in the distribution network.

Remote meter reading function

The energy readings are transmitted by the intelligent EasyGateways located at the energy meters,
which communicate autonomously with the AMIRA central site in real push-mode.
The central site, in turn, controls and monitors the operation of the EasyGateways and the
connected energy meters, controlling timeous delivery of the measured data. Depending on the
requirement, these measured data is forwarded in the required form to the evaluation site of the
energy supplier, and/or is stored locally in a measurement database in accordance with OBIS.
Optional data evaluation in the form of flexible reports and also EDM applications round off
the solution.

Manufacturer-independent and scalable through flexible interfaces

The Aartesys solution is unique due to a wide range of meter-specific interfaces and protocols,
both for reading out the energy readings from energy meters, and for their transmission to evaluation systems, like EMD or ERP systems.
Thanks to the high scalability and the possibility to connect up to 32 (M-bus up to 250)
meters to one EasyGateway, the remote meter reading from Aartesys is suitable for any meter topology.Investment protection

Existing installations can be equipped with future-oriented communication technology in a cost-
efficient manner without having to replace the existing energy meters or evaluation systems.
Cost-effective through efficient commissioning

The end-to-end solution offered by Aartesys is the basis for a time-optimised commissioning process.
Cleverly designed functions eliminate the need for on-site configuration so that safe commissioning can normally be implemented by simple tools.
By using an integrated portal solution, commissioning can be customised to the requirements and
process specifications of the customer and can thus be executed quickly in the field without
centralised help.

Optimised communication

The data-optimised communication between EasyGateways and central site makes the solution interesting in particular for mobile communication via GPRS networks. Cost-optimised m2m products offered by the mobile operators can be used, resulting in very low communication costs.
Configuration of readout and transmission

The wide adaptability of the solution allows for a high degree of customisation to the requirements
of the customers. Transmission and readout intervals can be set independently of each other over a very wide range und do not have to be set uniformly.
It is thus possible, for example, to combine daily readout of the 15-minute load profiles of
industrial meters with monthly readout of household meters and real-time transmission of 1-minute
load profiles from transformer stations having the same infrastructure.

OBIS database and reporting

Depending on the customer request, the energy data in the form of load profiles or periodic values
can be stored in the AMIRA server in accordance with OBIS. This is the basis for the evaluation and reporting using the Aartesys evaluation tool.

Inquiries at: sales (at) telecomadvisors.org

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