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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

TAI New solutions - AMIRA Smart Grid Applications by Aartesys AG

Smart grid applications

Extended smart metering solution

The Smart Grid Application from Aartesys is capable of highly reliably executing measuring and
controlling functions in extended supply networks.
These functions are based on the Smart Metering Application extended by various local EasyGateway functions, on the one hand, and on the AMIRA+ control center based on the AMIRA management system, on the other hand.

The extended functions comprise various measures allowing for the safe local control of consumers.
The integration of building controls makes implementation of new concepts of energy optimisation
possible, integrating all systems involved.

Energy data evaluation

Flexible data evaluation and publication

The Reporting Tool Business ObjectsTM (BOXI) is used in the AMIRA environment for comprehensive data evaluations and reports. In addition to advanced data evaluation functionalities, BOXI provides functionalities for the generation of reports and, in the HTML format, for the online publication of evaluations.

The evaluations can be customised. Yearly, quarterly or monthly evaluations with 'drill' options or
even daily evaluations in minute resolution can be viewed via a Web link, and can be downloaded either in Adobe pdf format or as a value table in Excel format.

Comparisons to the respective previous periods can easily be represented.
Based on the OBIS database

The reports are based on the data contained in the OBIS database of the central AMIRA
database server.

For further information please kindly contact: sales (at) telecomadvisors.org

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