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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

TAI New solutions - AMIRA M2M open platform by Aartesys AG

m2m platform

Aartesys has many years of experience in safe transmission of control commands, measured values and alarms in distributed systems.
With the devices of the EasyGateway family and the AMIRA Management System, Aartesys has a
well-tried m2m platform that fulfils all requirements for the safe and efficient transmission
of data and event reports via IP-based LAN or WAN.
Remote access and control, transmission of remote events and data on a time or event basis to a
central site, or safe communication for emergency calls - Aartesys offers the right solution
including the necessary integration for your business processes.

Application examples

> Transmission of readings from energy meters (remote meter readout, smart metering)

> Remote control and monitoring of machines and controls

> Communication solutions for facility management

> Monitoring and control of vending machines (vending)

> Alarm transmission in lifts or from emergency telephones

> Communication services

A wide range of communication services can be used for the transmission of data and events.
These include:

> Mobile communication GSM/GPRS/UMTS

> Wire-bound public IP networks (xDSL, cable, fibre)

> Broadband power line communication

> LAN (Intranet)


> Local radio solutions VHF/UHF, ZigBee, BlueTooth

> POTS or ISDN modem

> Efficient communication

Efficient communication between the EasyGateway devices in the field and the central site is crucial.
Only then is it possible to benefit from low-priced m2m products of the mobile communication service providers, for example.

It's all IP

IP protocols are seamlessly used for communication, preventing any media disruption. The communication services can be used individually or in combination. Also multi-layer networks with transmission nodes are possible. All system components have been designed for Ipv6.

Please send your inquiries to: sales ( at) telecomadvisors.org

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