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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

TAI Partner News - MerlinCryption and Telecom Advisors International S.A. Form Alliance, Delivering Powerful Encryption Security Throughout Latin Amer

MerlinCryption and Telecom Advisors International S.A. Form Alliance, Delivering Powerful Encryption Security Throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 21, 2012

TAI strengthens its security portfolio as MerlinCryption expands its borders to new markets in a win-win-win agreement, which protects clients from risk in three vulnerable areas including data, authentication, and network access and penetration.

"We recognize the importance of establishing partnerships that bring value to customers,” says Andreas Wunderli, CEO TAI, “We see every relationship as a profound opportunity to connect our clients with quality providers to best achieve their goals.”

MerlinCryption cryptosystem is built on Anti-Statistical Block Encryption (ASBE) and utilizes variable key length. Each key scales in size between 2008 bits and 2 GB. The encryption engine also allows scalable passwords up to 64 KB.

ASBE algorithm is not subject to attack models and methods of Cryptanalysis. Every encrypted transmission is different, as the algorithm produces different cyphertext with varying length, even when repeating the same plaintext, key, and password input.

MerlinCryption’s patent pending random data generator outputs keys and passwords that are ‘generated-destroyed-recreated’ on demand, making key/password transfer between endpoints unnecessary.

“MerlinCryption’s dynamic security solutionssafeguard data and authentication, as well as defend networks from criminal access and penetration.” says Paul (Prem) Sobel, CTO MerlinCryption, “Companies in Latin America can now take advantage of the technology, seamlessly. through TAI.”

About TelecomAdvisors International S.A.
Originally founded in Asia, TAI established a new headquarters in Panama City in 2005. The mission of TAI is to be a preferred business enabler and business support partner throughout the region of Latin America and Caribbean.

We help Telecom-and Technology companies and vendors from US, Europe and Asia, who are interested to expand their activities in new export markets, and to analyze the markets and introduce them in this rapidly growing market place. TAI´s focus areas include Security, M2M, Energy, SCADA security, Telecommunications, Smart Metering, Smart Grid, and others.

TelecomAdvisors International S.A. counts on more than 20 years of experience in the Latam Telecom - and Technology Market. http://www.telecomadvisors.org/.

About MerlinCryption, Inc.
The Smart-World’s Smart-Encryption™ software company in Austin TX, MerlinCryption develops encryption and authentication solutions that protect against counterfeiting, cloning, software compromise, physical machine compromise, and man-in-the-middle attack, designed specifically for the embedded and M2M (machine-to-machine) market.

The unprecedented security platform protects integrity of data-at-rest, data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-in-change as it is created, viewed, edited, shared, stored, and moved across communications channels and through the Cloud. The encryption is NSA reviewed, BIS approved for export, and OFAC compliant. The cryptosystem enables compliance with FDA, HIPAA, and HITECH.

MerlinCryption offers full-scale encryption platforms for M2M, authentication, and enterprise, as well as eleven stand-alone software programs for Information Security professionals. MerlinCryption is changing the way the world protects data and secures connectivity. http://www.merlincryption.com/.

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