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martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Streambow  and Telecom Advisors International S.A. (TAI) form Alliance, Delivering Powerful and Innovative QoE (Quality of Experience) and QoS (Quality of  Service) solutions for mobile and fixline Broadband services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

TAI strengthens its Telecom - and Service Provider  portfolio as Streambow expands its borders to new markets in a win-win-win agreement, which allows to introduce innovative Customer Experience solutions in the Latin America telecom markets.

TAI strengthens its Telecom portfolio as Streambow expands its borders to new 
markets in a win-win-win agreement, which allows to introduce innovative Customer 
Experience solutions in the Latin America telecom markets.
"We recognize the importance of establishing partnerships that bring value to 
customers,” says Andreas Wunderli, CEO TAI, “We see every relationship as a 
profound opportunity to connect our clients with quality providers to best achieve 
their goals.”
Xperience correlates Quality of Experience (QoE) and Qualtiy of Service (QoS) to 
get the complete picture.
Outstanding Customer Experience is key to business success in today’s highly 
competitive broadband market.
The ‘high-speed, high-volume and always-on’ mindset puts huge pressure on 
broadband operators to keep up with customer expectations. It is evident that 
satisfied customers are crucial for the business. They use services longer, spend 
more money and are likely to attract new clients.
Unsatisfied customers however often just change their operator without giving 
previous notice. When they are gone, it is too late to act and worse, they are likely 
to tell their friends about it.
Xperience, Streambow’s flexible and cost efficient Customer Experience Solution 
enables broadband operators to really improve their business, based on reliable 
customer experience data.
Xperience covers numerous usage scenarios, ranging from crowed-sourcing, 
quality of experience monitoring, customer support, customer self-care and 
technical service support.The cross-technology platform supports Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, Wi-Fi and IPTV within one system.

About Streambow Ltd. 
Founded in 2004, Streambow is today a leading provider of integrated quality of service 
(QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) assurance solutions, dedicated to carriers and 
service providers seeking to improve Customer Experience, Network and Service 
Performance, of their mission and revenue-critical service offerings. Streambow’s solutions 
are ideal for all broadband access technologies, such as 3g/4g mobile, xDSL, Wi-Fi, FTTH 
and Cable. Smartphone Apps, software clients, web-based agents and hardware probes 
combine to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing, customer feedback, crowd-
sourcing, diagnostics and monitoring, to troubleshoot network problems and assure 
network service quality parameters from an end customer perspective. 


Panama City – Lisbon , 15 th  September 2013

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